Virginia Association ofLocal Human Services Officials
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In all categories of membership, candidates must be recommended by the Executive Board and confirmed by vote of the membership.

Types of Membership

Full Membership

Membership is open to all human services staff from each county and city in Virginia. This must include the senior Human Services official who has direct access to the Chief Administrative Officer and who holds a position of oversight, management or coordination of a range of Human Services functions from various local government departments, divisions or agencies with that unit of government. 

Five staff members from a jurisdiction may be included in each membership.

Heritage Membership

Heritage Membership, an emeritus category of membership, shall be open to all who have been members of the organization. Emeritus members shall vote, hold office, be members of standing and ad hoc committees and fully participate in meetings and other business of the organization.

Special Membership

Full and active membership with voting privileges and the right to hold office may also be extended, when deemed appropriate by the Executive committee, to a representative from another organization.  


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