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Family First Prevention Services Act Overview
Family First Prevention Services Act Overview
A presentation by Carl Ayers to the Commission on Youth, November 20, 2018

Family First is the largest investment in the child welfare system in nearly 40 years and is an
extraordinary opportunity to be innovative and responsive to children’s and families’
individual needs.

Family First supports VDSS’s Children’s Services Practice Model and overarching mission that

kids should grow up in a safe, stable and secure family that supports their long-term wellbeing.
Family First recognizes that kids do best in families, and families do best in strong, supportive

Family First ensures a family first for children and teens with prevention
services to keep kids safe and families together. Children and teens who cannot safely stay at
home should live with relatives or close friends. When that is not possible, Family First
advocates that kids should live with a loving, and supportive foster family
Beneficiaries of Family First are families with children at imminent risk of entering foster

Source: Carl Ayers presentation to the Virginia Commission on Youth

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